Laurel - Shells

The beat, man, that’s where it is at.

Get To the Hills @ the Tune of i.

COR!S - 雨の日の七夕さま

More than anything, it is the natural sounds that make this so lovely.

Get it @ SC.

Christian Rich - Real Love

Smooth out the wrinkles & feel better.

Get it @ SC.


Nicky Sparkles - It’s Your Life

I am diggin’ that background sound A LOT.

Los Holy’s - Psicodelico Desconocido (aka Cissy’s Strut)

There’s a pretty sweet collection of 60’s & early 70’s Peruvian funk, soul, and psych dropping in October of this year. It’s called Peru Bravo and this wicked cover of The Meters classic is just one of many delectable delights on this compilation.

Pre-order Peru Bravo @ Bandcamp.

The Smittens - Upper West Side

I won’t lie to you, Tumblr-folk, the first thing that went through my head was The Magnetic Field’s ‘The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side’ - not just in reference to parts of NYC, but even the pop-meets-melancholy tone.

However! Lovely connections aside, all of Love Record Breaker is a joy to listen to; a little bit twee, a little bit bittersweet, a little bit queer (check that cover of ‘Closer To Fine’), but all the way wonderful.

Get Love Record Breaker @ Bandcamp.

WISH - Nothing To Say

Jingly-jangly dream pop from up north? Why yes, I’ll take two, thanks.

Get WISH’s s/t release @ Bandcamp.

Sassy Black - Take Me (For A Spin)

In the midst of all the THEESatisfaction magic, Stas & Cat - the dynamic duo of funky, space-age hip-hop - have been crafting interstellar beats individually as well.

Stas dropped Stas For Hire earlier this month & now we’ve got goodness from Sassy Black herself in the form of OTHERS.

It is wicked cool, as the above jam can attest to.

Get OTHERS @ Bandcamp.

James Vernon feat. Jasiel Berg - The Actor

Really diggin’ it.