HTRK - Synthetik

Dark & perfect… just like the love they tells us about.

Pre-order over here.

Exciting news here, especially with how good their 2011 release was [run out and get Work (Work, Work) now!]


PAGEANT A/W 12 Film - Wet Dream 

Soundtrack by HTRK, from their forthcoming EP on Ghostly International.


HTRK - ‘Synthetik’

- moody synths, warbled shoegaze guitar, steadfast bass drone, clacking drum machine rhythms and hazy spectral vocals. Fittingly London-based (via Berlin & Melbourne) duo HTRK released their debut album Work (work, work) via Ghostly (streaming here on XLR8TR). The video for ‘Synthetik’ finds unnerving faceless beings getting intimate, it was made by the Polish art collective Pussykrew.


HTRK - Eat Yr Heart

Yummy. Got to take this album for a spin the other day @ the station. Down with the dark-wave-electro-goodness.