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This is damn trippy, man… But I am pretty sure I like it.

Lower Dens - Brains

It’s been a long, tiring day, so I am going to keep this brief.

There is nothing better in this world then sitting down and listening to Lower Dens. They have this way of sounding mellow and frantic all at the same time. I don’t know how they do it… but they do.

And especially with this fantastic fucking song. I sort of want to marry Jana Hunter just so I can peek inside of that talented damn head of hers.

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'Best Of.'

Lower Dens - Propagation

Beekeeper angels from another planet, let loose in a forest to light up like lightning bugs in a giant jar.

How’s that work for you? Even if it doesn’t suit you, this song is one size fits all (in my opinion). Perfection.

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Lower Dens - Alphabet Song

Well, after that mixtape, I just had to keep listening to this song. It is a must of my Tuesday evening.

So damn gorgeous. Go buy it.

Yes, yes, I’ve posted this one before… but c’mon. It’s a little bit of perfection in an imperfect world.

And now a glorious quote from Aquarium Drunkards’s s mcdonald :

I wouldn’t call Lower Dens’ brand of gentle rock “dreamy” because that would signify hope or an out-of-body experience. But somehow the group has taken the precious elements of “dream pop” and clenched them so tightly that there is literally no Heaven, no Las Vegas, just a cold world mirrored by this band’s brilliant grasp of empty space versus oversaturated guitar effects. Here’s an example where less is definitely more, and “Propagation” will leave you spent. 

ps - really really hate that I am going to miss Lower Dens in April.


Lower Dens :: Propagation


lower dens - propagation

nootropics, out 05.01.2012 on ribbon music.

tour dates @ soundcloud.

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Lower Dens - Brains

Jana Hunter, you are a word that hasn’t been invented yet. 

So into this song.

I guess I’ll just spend my time blogging this song, the new Frankie Rose track and anything off of Kathleen Edwards new album - over and over and over.


 b r a i n s

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